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CAMBA/Learning to Work @ LESP

What is CAMBA Learning to Work Program?


CAMBA’s Learning to Work (LTW) program helps to re-engage students who have dropped out or fallen behind in credits to graduate high school. CAMBA LTW programs are offered at 10 transfer high schools and 2 Young Adult Borough Centers (YABC). We provide a wide range of diverse programming including academic and student support, career and educational development, college advising and preparation, work preparation, skills development, and paid internships.

$15 per hour 
Minimum of 5 hours to a maximum of 20 hours per week


Class Attendance:
    • Interns are expected to have 85% attendance per marking period.
    • Interns must be passing all classes, if you are failing 2 or more classes you will be given a warning and your hours will be reduced depending on how many classes you failed. 
    • You are required to attend weekly seminars.
Internship Attendance:
    • Interns are expected to attend work on the days scheduled. If you can not make it due to an emergency please contact Ms. Sanchez and your current site manager at the time.
Internship Performance: 
    • This is your job!
    • Do the best you can do!
    • Communicate and dress professionally AT ALL TIMES!