About Us

Lower East Side Preparatory High School boasts a safe, supportive, and technology-rich environment that motivates all students to succeed. With a renowned ENL/Transitional Bilingual program in Spanish and Chinese, and a variety of enrichment, AP, Regents Prep, and Extended Day courses, LESP sends more than 80% of their graduates to college. We provide structure and support to those who are over-aged and under-credited and help students get a new start, whether from around the world or around the block.

LESP Contact Information: 

145 Stanton Street, 4th Floor
New York,  NY, 10002

Phone: 212-505-6366
Fax: 212-260-0813

Email: [email protected]


Dear LESP Students + Families,

As Omicron cases rise in New York City, we must continue to take the necessary precautions in staying safe at school. Please help us keep LESP a healthy school community by doing the following:
  1. If you are sick and showing symptoms of Covid-19, stay home and GET TESTED.
  2. If you test POSITIVE for Covid-19, please email me or one of your teachers ASAP with a picture of the confirmed test result. This helps us let others know if they need to be tested too. You will not get in trouble for testing positive. 
  3. If you are Vaccinated,  please upload your Vaccine card here to the NYC DOE Portal. If you are vaccinated you DO NOT need to miss school and quarantine if you are exposed. Get Boosted! If you already have your two shots, make sure to get your third if you're eligible. 
  4. If you are NOT vaccinated, please see the attached letters from NYC DOE
  5. Get your flu shot! This helps everyone to stay healthy from the flu as well.
We want our doors to be open and for everyone to feel safe so they can continue to learn and thrive in school. Most importantly, in order for us to do this, you have the option of wearing a mask throughout your day at school.